Friday, 1 August 2008

Review #1 roxXOR2

I was very kindly given a big bag of goodies from online superlabel
roxXOR2 for review. Having published my praise for these musical masochists all over the internet already, I've decided to just do a concise little list of each of their releases.

This works well because no one will be reading these reviews anyway, and roxXOR2 still get a decent qoute to use on their web-shop. So everyone is happy, except me. I frankly feel quite neglected. But anyway, here goes:

The Label:

roxXOR2 are a notable independent record label who deal with some of UK music's biggest criminal masterminds. Having already racked up a pretty impressive catalogue of CDs, DVDs and download exclusives - the label is having yet another overhaul. They've joined forces with one of Britain's better PR companies (Manilla PR), signed up a new batch of musical innovators (The Axl Rose Jazz-Funk Experience, Karl & The Gimps, Mr Introspective), re-issued a few "Roxxor" classics (Teeth) and are now beginning to work their way into the world of independent filmmaking. Cool, huh?

Add these accomplishments to the fact that they're so independent they make sub-pop look like Cyberdyne and you've got a really commendable bunch of people, who's admirable DIY attitude may just help to bring contemporary music out of its current slump. Right on.

The Roster:

Mr Introspective - "Beyond Our Comprehension"

Mr Introspective's roxXOR2 debut is a whirlwind of far-out scoundscapes, gentle grooves,
and melancholic magic - laid out beautifully on a post-apocalyptic backdrop of defiant despair. This is one of the best electronica albums in years.

Teeth - "Career Suicide: Everything Song"

Though not the best example of Teeth's music (one of the best alt. rock acts you've never heard); it certainly highlights their fine sense of humour, their will to rock, and their supreme creativity. Long live "Funge"!

Kieronononononon^ - "brutaltechnopunk"

Five blissfully off-the-wall "hits" make for the best Kieronononon record yet. The trio have found something of a Holy Grail in that they're experi-mental and still fun to listen to (take that My Bloody Valentine!). For all the jokes and quirks, this is still a must have album.

Kieronononononon^ - "DVDVDVDVDVDVDVDVD"

All the E.Ps, tons of live stuff, tons of rare stuff, tons of extras and audio-commentaries: this is a pretty exhaustive (as opposed to exhausting) look at Hull's favourite sons. Mad and made on a shoe-string budget, this is a fine example of underground rock music's wonderful imagination.

You can find out all you need to know about roxXOR2 and it's artists at: