Friday, 3 October 2008

Superman Revenge Squad - Live Review

Artist: Superman Revenge Squad

Venue: The Green Dragon, Croydon.

Date: 20/09/08

Who actually goes to see acoustic singer-songwriters? No one. But I would go to see Superman Revenge Squad. And I will. Constantly. Instantly. Endlessly! This unthinkable mix of Johnny Cash and Morrissey makes for a heck of a listening experience. Whether he’s breaking your heart with “The Angriest Dog In The World”, making you chuckle with “Everyone’s Dead” or confusing you with the first four lines of “Ice Ice Baby” (in “This is a Happy Song”) – SRD knows how to get a reaction.

Despite facing the obvious limitations of being a one man acoustic show, SRD is a very personable performer who’s happy to chat and take requests from his audience. Unquestionably his brand of pop/folk/punk/indie/”etc” is rather niche, but those present today seemed very familiar with his songs and most were laughing at his jokes and the cheering quality of his lyrical wordplay. A thoroughly enjoyable performer: and a very good recording artist. Superman Revenge Squad comes highly recommended.



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