Monday, 16 March 2009

HELL'S KITTENS - The Horror Sensation!

Being one of the lucky few to have seen their debut, BAD FRIEND, I'm really pleased to 'announce' (as if Fangoria, Blood and Arrow in the Head didn't beat me to it!) that the hookers and germs over at Rottwieler Productions have a new horror feature in the shakin' making!

Urinating copiously on the charred ashes of DEATH PROOF (and I take no pleasure in that) comes HELL'S KITTENS!!!!

Judging from the *gruesome* TRAILER this beast of a flick takes the classic rape-revenge narrative and sticks it with guts, grit and grain not seen since Wes Craven went ballistic in 1972 (and judging on that stink-pot remake of a remake, this is a timely reminder of what revenge really is).  

Sadly I've not had the pleasure of seeing this particular film just yet, but I'm positive it's going to be something special. These guys are true horror buffs and they make a mockery of every show/movie to complain of 'budget-cuts' by beating any such difficulties (the last film cost them about £1000...) with pure innovation, passion and awesomeness.
These kids could save this Godforsaken genre!